Sean Hannity blasts impeachment inquiry hiss
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Sean Hannity blasts impeachment inquiry hiss

Sean Hannity slammed the Dwelling Intelligence Committee impeachment inquiry hiss launched Tuesday, calling it “nothing but an insane, convoluted 14,000-note diatribe concocted by their valorous, compromised, imperfect, coward, congenital liar” Dwelling Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff.

“The hiss is chock stout of nothing but conspiracy theories, left-flee opinions, conjecture, rumour, witnesses, complaints about Donald Trump’s international policy by folk that judge they’re extra crucial than a duly elected president and quite loads of outright lies,” Hannity acknowledged on his tv program Tuesday.


The host criticized Schiff for the timing of the hiss’s free up.

“And let’s no longer lose search for of one thing an crucial. Schiff’s rambling hiss became launched appropriate hours sooner than the principle official proceeding,” Hannity acknowledged. “There is no time to mount any suitable defense, President Trump is never in actuality even within the country, and so they knew that, too.”

Hannity persisted to criticize Schiff’s credibility and his role within the hiss.

“A congenital liar compromised. Adam Schiff, who conducted the investigation, wrote the hiss,” Hannity acknowledged. “He’s a known repeated congenital liar. He lied time and again about Trump Russia collusion.”

The Democratic-managed Dwelling Judiciary Committee will slither to the forefront of President Trump’s impeachment inquiry Wednesday morning with a listening to that comprises four suitable students, but no reality witnesses.


Hannity moved his focus to Dwelling Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler.

“[Nadler is] going to try to urge the impeachment sham across the attain line and gain it executed sooner than Christmas. Luxuriate in it or no longer, Nadler’s planning on, neatly, jamming impeachment down all of our throats,” Hannity acknowledged. “They build no longer care about the country. They’ve executed nothing for us for 3 years apart from detest on Donald Trump.”

Fox News’ Gregg Re contributed to this hiss.

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